The conference itself as well as all of the teams rely almost entirely on volunteer people power to keep operating. This list is just a few of the ways, big and small, to contribute back.

  • Intro Coach
    Veteran racers and team coaches are always needed to help guide our Intro clinics and races. Intro coaches need not be the fastest racers, they simply need to be competent, patient, and interested in teaching new riders. To get involved, talk to the Intro Coordinator at any race.
  • Writer or Photographer
    Between social media and blogs, the conference is always in need of writers to contribute race reports and other material. Similarly, this site as well as the news services are always in need of new high quality photographs to stay fresh. If you like writing or photography, talk to us to start contributing.
  • Club Officer
    Every club relies on its student leaders to keep racing and growing. Consider getting more involved in your team to keep it going or to develop even further. The Club Officers' Guide outlines some of the typical responsibliities involved.
  • Race Promoter
    All ECCC races are put on by the teams and their student leadership. Promoting a race takes extreme effort but is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have---there's no feeling like successfully organizing a huge event and having the entire conference come race at your home. We're always on the lookout for new races and promoters, so start reading about it today.
  • USAC Collegiate Board of Trustees
    Collegiate cycling is governed and overseen by a group of elected trustees. They establish national rules and work to grow and improve collegiate cycling throughout all the conferences. Board members are a mix of elite collegiate cyclists, club presidents, varsity coaches, conference directors, and general members. Historically the ECCC has always had a significant presence on the board and a huge role in shaping the development of collegiate cycling. If you're interested in representing your riders, friends, and the ECCC, talk to the Conference Director for details.
  • ECCC Coordinator
    The number of activities and programs the ECCC supports grows every year. If you'd like to help keep some aspect of it going or have an idea for something new the conference should be doing, don't hesitate to talk with the Conference Director, or bring it up on the mailing list or at the annual meetings. Innovation and sheer energy are the heart of the ECCC's success, so we're always eager for fresh ideas and new, motivated volunteers.