Each collegiate cycling season ends with a national championship for which eligible riders and teams may qualify. Basic points about nationals include: 

  • Only category A racers may compete at nationals.
    • Exceptions include the Team Time Trial at Road Nationals, Cyclocross, and most Track events.

  • Collegiate national championships are divided into Varsity and Club categories (All of the ECCC schools are considered as "Club" for nationals).

  • Each conference is allocated a number of riders for each championship which it divides into team and individual qualifiers.
    • E.g., the ECCC might send three teams and seven individual riders for both men and women.
    • Allocations are based on the percentage of USAC collegiate licenses held by the conference.

  • Qualifying teams are granted a total number of riders they may bring, and a number of slots per event.
    • E.g., at road nationals a team given a full allocation can start 6 riders in the road race and 4 in the crit, shared among 8 total riders (for each gender).
      • Some teams are granted only partial allocations.

  • Individual qualifiers are the highest ranked riders not on a qualifying team.
    • Slots unused by teams or individuals are bumped to the next ranked rider.
    • Riders must have scored a point to qualify as an individual.

  • Only points earned in Men's and Women's category A races count toward nationals qualifying.

  • To be eligible for nationals, every rider must have competed in a stipulated number of category A conference races.
    • Eligibility requirements are defined by the national rulebook and additional conference restrictions. National requirements are also summarized on the USAC website.

Conference allocations between teams and individuals are posted to the ECCC website and mailing list at the start of each season. Lists of qualifying riders are similarly posted immediately after the conference season championship (Easterns). To participate at nationals, riders must have their school registrar complete a form verifying their full-time status, and should budget some time to have this done.

Teams and riders interested in participating at nationals are strongly encouraged to join the conference mailing list. This is the best place to get timely updates and clarifications.

More general information and pointers to schedules, venues, and registration are available on the USAC Collegiate website.